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Full-Service Elearning App Development Company

Using educational app development services to modernise the education industry

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our developers create customised learning management systems for a variety of platforms that utilise eLearning technologies. We create software solutions that automate the design and development of educational and training courses.

Student On-boarding & Management

We optimise application processing procedures by augmenting them with customised design, content, video, and programming services. Our technologies help schools to present the greatest virtual face possible when it comes to managing student onboarding.

Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

We create a platform that integrates content writing, delivery, publication, and analysis in a multi-user context. As a centralised content management system, LCMS provides a slew of additional benefits for revolutionising the creation and delivery of information.

Web-based Training (WBT) & CE (Continuing Education)

Web-based training allows employees and students to access it from anywhere. Our developers use technology to offer virtual training solutions that meet the educational needs of a broad audience.

Assessment, Reporting & Analytics

AOX Apps' software solutions empower administrators to develop robust data analytics reports and customizable visual dashboards that aid in decision-making. We are the creators of strong and scalable analytics software that will put an end to the old analytics system.

Corporate Training Solutions

We create solutions that boost the effectiveness of every stage of your corporate training. Through this solution, we serve a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food and beverage, automotive, real estate, hotel, telecommunications, and aviation.

School Management App Solution

We offer a school administration app as part of our educational app development services that enables educational institutions to become paperless and automate all tiresome administrative processes on a single platform. Our software incorporates cutting-edge technology, making it one of the most sought-after platforms on the market.

E-Learning App Development

With the popularity of virtual learning increasing, our educational app development firm in the United States of America offers robust solutions to fulfil the education and training industry's modern needs. We frequently combine lecture scheduling, assignments, leaderboards, audio streaming, and video conferencing into eLearning software.

Teacher App

We provide an all-in-one platform for securely running online classrooms via a teacher app. Our bespoke software solution enables teachers to bring their classroom online in a matter of minutes. Our system enables users to practise quality-driven teaching by streamlining the management of all online teaching tasks.

Parents App

We are a New York-based education mobile app development business with expertise in creating apps that keep parents informed about their child's performance and help students and instructors build stronger relationships. Our mobile app solution enables parents to receive fast information about events, assessment results, and newsletters.

Educational Institutions

AOX Apps excels at developing educational applications for schools, colleges, and universities. We incorporate elements such as communication between schools, colleges, and universities, assignment uploading, publicising announcements and events, and sections for admission forms and pricing structures.

Online Classes App

We create solutions that assure students' continuous learning and advancement. The solution includes tools for sharing presentations and content videos, a digital whiteboard, discussions and comments, as well as connectivity with school scheduling.

Online Examination App

We provide an online examination application that is accompanied by features such as exam and data security, certificate generation, teacher accounts, extensive analysis, printable reports, self-registration, and assistance. We are an educational app development business that recognises the examination system's shortcomings and develops a solution to address them.

Digital Library App

With a digital library app, you can access your content remotely from any location. Users can log in to gain access to all digital collections, robust user management and analytics, centralised control, push library notifications, and a variety of other services. Teachers, students, and researchers are all welcome to contribute to the answer.

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To its customers, AOX Apps delivers an exceptional software or app experience.

We include cutting-edge technology into our solutions and let its efficacy to speak for themselves about our professionalism and dependability.

We have never failed to live up to our commitments as an educational app development firm.

  • Interactive iOS & Android apps with CRM web panel
  • Whitelabel solution to match your brand
  • End-to-end encrypted for content security
  • Seamless integration
  • Smooth functionality
  • Excellent performance
  • Cost mitigation

AI-based Education Apps

Artificial intelligence-powered learning platforms assist educators in better managing digital content and student engagement.

Gamification In Education

Our company creates educational apps that use gamification and turn the classroom environment into a game.

AR/VR Training Solutions

We are committed to enhancing the learning experience through augmented and virtual reality and to fostering more inclusive classrooms.

IoT In Education

We are aiding teachers and students in creating a more collaborative future for education.

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School Management Application

To help with administrative activities and processes, AOX Apps offers a sophisticated school management application.
Our applications benefit any educational institution. Our app's utility resides in its ability to be used on the go.
We believe in first knowing the client's exact needs before recommending a solution.

Automated Attendance

Automated attendance is possible using school administration software. This programme saves time and allows teachers to focus on other topics.

Library Automation

Our school administration solution includes library automation, which enables students to easily search for, issue, and return books without wasting time.

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard creates reports based on the academic record of the student. It enables teachers to monitor pupils' academic performance and pinpoint areas of weakness.

Cloud-enabled Technology

A cloud-based school management tool automates all of the processes associated with school administration. Additionally, educators can access all data at any time and from any location.

Virtual Classroom Apps

A virtual classroom application enables students to connect remotely with their teachers. Students and professors can cooperate and debate ideas using features such as video conferencing.

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Online Learning Apps

Online users can now learn anything remotely under the guidance of topic experts via online learning programmes. An online learning application is enhanced with elements that assist in the learning process.

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Educational Apps For Kids

AOX Apps develops apps that make learning exciting and entertaining for children and help them grasp topics while providing them with real-time experiences via augmented reality content.

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Language Learning Apps

A language learning app bridges linguistic divides and enables anyone to learn a new language through translation. This app is suitable for both students and professionals.

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Which Features To Look For In An Elearning App?

Creating scalable and dynamic eLearning applications for the education sector

Flexible Usage

We create applications that are not static or inflexible in their usage. Regardless of the device, our apps perform seamlessly across all platforms and significantly improve the user experience.

New Teaching Practices

Our apps range from simple to interactive. Additionally, our apps accommodate a wide user base by incorporating fresh teaching approaches.

Real Time Intreation

Users can maintain a common platform with students and assist them in resolving their problems and inquiries.

Performance Analysis Support

Our apps keep teachers informed of their students' performance through the use of user-friendly performance analysis.

Push Notifications

It is easier to keep learners and instructors informed when they communicate better. Our applications provide timely push notifications.

Data Security

Our apps include security protections that protect student information, exam papers, and payment records, among other things.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Education App?

We are now in an era where education is embracing technology. The notion of eLearning has already been adopted by many educational institutions. The complexity, functionality, and development time of an app all contribute to the cost of establishing an education app. Calculating actual costs, however, has never been easy.

Contact our experts to learn everything about creating an educational app. This is why we are a New York-based educational app development company.

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