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With our Real Estate Software Development,
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By establishing a facility-specific real estate software development firm, you may uncover hidden revenue potential and better manage your spaces.
We assist our customers in streamlining their processes in order to increase operational efficiency.

  • Custom Real Estate Solution

  • Real Estate CRM & ERP Solutions

  • Real Estate App Development

  • Cloud-based Database Solutions

  • Property Management Software Solution

  • Real Estate Accounting Software

  • Real Estate Valuation Engines

  • Real Estate Transaction Software

Full-service mobile app creation
for the real estate industry

When it comes to high-quality web and mobile applications for the real estate industry, you can rely on us. From MLS/IDX platform design and all-in-one software integration to management software and mobile apps, our tailored-fit software solutions are designed to cover every demand through technology.

Real Estate App Development

Our developers construct flexible web and mobile applications that streamline operations and data handling. Our real estate software development company's goal is to modernise the industry.

Android App

AOX Apps' team of developers creates native and cross-platform real estate apps for property managers, agents, and tenants.

iOS App

Our team creates iOS apps that help brokers and buyers stay informed about price reductions, new listings, open house dates, and driving instructions.


We include augmented reality and virtual reality into the apps we develop. In addition, we're migrating a cloud-based real estate platform to bring together different data sources.

Real Estate IoT App

Real estate brokers may safely present houses using IoT technology without needing to physically visit the property.

Utilize Our Software to
Boost Your Real Estate Career!

Using technology to expedite real estate operations and foster collaboration among the stakeholders involved, the real estate business is being transformed. Using a competent real estate software development business to launch an app puts growth in your control. We take a variety of steps to help you actively build your business, get new clients, and increase revenue.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Auction Software Solution

We take satisfaction in servicing the real estate business and automating its fundamental procedures. Our solutions strive to make all transactions as simple as possible while preserving accuracy. Avoid putting your firm behind schedule by opting for a solution that is not specialised for your industry. Your firm deserves a solution that is specifically tailored to your needs.

We provide high-quality real estate software development services such as CRM, property selling and buying, apartment management, and auctions. As a top real estate software development firm, we offer an intuitive real estate website navigation and structure that enables consumers to quickly locate what they're looking for.

Scalable, Feature-Packed, and Extremely Creative

Seek real estate software development services in New York to provide your firm a distinct edge.

Reverse Auction

AOX Apps delivers cutting-edge reverse auction software that enables sellers to bid on available projects.

Forward Auction

A forward auction software system benefits both the buyers and the providers. Vendors can participate in worldwide online auctions.

Live Auction

Only bidders who are physically present at the auction venue may participate in a live auction.

Absolute Auction

Our approach enables absolute auctions, in which the highest bidder wins the sale. These auctions are not subject to a reserve price.

Benefit from our expertise in the
development of real estate CRM software.

We create unmatched solutions to aid in the growth of real estate. As a real estate software development company, we have knowledge at every level. Whether you are a large real estate corporation, a small property agency, or an individual real estate agent, utilise our custom real estate software development to create innovative real estate solutions.

Property Management Solutions

Property management and tenant onboarding solutions built by AOX Apps are notable for evicting obsolete processes and automating the workflow.

Residential Property Management

Through role-based access control (RBAC) modules and accounting software solutions, we streamline residential property management operations.

Commercial Property Management

Our commercial real estate software development firm specialises in lease administration, facility management, utility billing, and real-time communication.

Tenant Onboarding & Management

We design and create software for tenant onboarding and management that is integrated with payment systems, resident databases, and application screening modules.


We have vast expertise developing custom real estate multiple listing service (MLS), customer relationship management (CRM), and IDX systems that aid real estate agents in organising, evaluating, and filtering listings. Our real estate software development company's modules are very adaptable, since they support a variety of API connectors and enable customers to search for properties using virtually any criteria.

IDX Integration

Our solutions integrate IDX with search engine reporting and content automation to help you manage leads, collect leads, and boost your CRM.

MLS Software Development

We build unique multiple listing service (MLS) software platforms with specialised search engines, complicated logic searches, and mobile search capabilities, all powered by APIs from third-party real estate websites.

Accounting Management Software Development

For a real estate company's accounting system, AOX Apps builds and integrates accounting management software.

Analytic and digital solutions for the
real estate industry

Our experts know how to use IoT, AR/VR, and other cutting-edge technologies to provide real-world solutions.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our predictive analytics systems provide accurate reporting, investment analysis, market insights, and real-time forecasting.

Intelligent Process Automation

We use robotic process automation, machine learning, and natural language processing to automate your real estate business processes.

AR/VR Immersiveness

We can create 3D property visualisations, virtual tours, and interactive floor layouts. We combine augmented and virtual reality with real estate solutions.

IoT Implementation

To discover concerns quickly, we use IoT, which includes smart sensors, real-time monitoring cameras, and proximity marketing beacons.

BI Solution

BI provides enormous benefits to individuals who seek to evaluate real estate data. We use business intelligence to assist sellers and brokers and to make marketing easier.

Big Data Solution

To conduct business operations, we use big data technologies coupled with other solutions to collect, summarise, aggregate, and analyse datasets.


Blockchain technology has the potential to alter key CRE activities including as purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and management transactions.

AI & Machine Learning

Our real estate CRM software development services enable customers to collect, analyse, and learn from massive amounts of data while increasing the efficiency of agents, brokers, and clients.

Robotics Process Automation

We construct, implement, and manage software robots that mimic human motions while engaging with digital systems as a real estate software development company.

Customized Software Development
for the Real Estate Industry

Get a leg up on the competition by implementing cutting-edge real estate software solutions into your company.

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Use Digital Solutions to Boost Your Real Estate Business Intelligence

AOX Apps is a highly sought-after provider of real estate solutions. We automate procedures at multiple levels to lessen the demand on human resources and the possibility of human error. This provides sufficient time for the involved parties to focus on other critical responsibilities.

Features That Ensure Our Solution Is An Instant Success

We are a real estate CRM software development business that specialises in providing dependable and high-quality real estate solutions. Our IDX solutions are optimised for usage on any hosting site, allowing customers to pool listings, award licences, and display listings on the website.

Broker/Tenant Management

Managing rent deadlines, extra charges, and brokerage is one of the most evident functions of a real estate CRM software development solution.

Real Estate Analytics & Dashboards

Complete reports based on analytics and a dashboard are available. It allows you to save time while also keeping you informed about the procedure.

Asset & Inventory Management

Our real estate software development firm creates solutions that make managing assets and inventory as simple and efficient as possible.

Bidding & Auction Management

Our technologies make it simple and stress-free to manage bids and auctions. All auction kinds are supported by the solution.

Caters To Builders & Brokers

Real estate agencies/companies, developers, brokerage firms, and auctioneers are all served by our real estate CRM software development.

Document Management

We create software that makes it simple to handle physical documents and related activities.